A Hopeful Schedule

I’ve been doing some thinking about what I’m hoping to discuss on the pages of this blog.  After some pondering, I think that I will discuss the three things that I love: faith, family, and food!  (Sometimes not in that order.)  So, my goal is to do a post on some aspect of my faith on Mondays, a post on my family (or family-related) on Wednesdays, and a post about food on Fridays.  This gives me a whole week to accumulate material as well as a sort of deadline for making sure that I post on my blog regularly.

Now for some amazing news…Lord willing, it looks as though Nathan has a job with a police department starting as soon as he graduates from the Academy.  I’m still trying to decide if I want to publicly (on the Internet) state the location, but it will entail another move. (Sigh…I hate moving.)  I’m sooo excited about this new job opportunity for Nathan and kindof worried as well.  I googled the area and there are no health food stores and no craft stores. You pretty much have to fly everything into the town.  Also, I found out that it is about the size of my hometown…just without the roads and nearby cities.  I’m trying to have a good attitude and spirit of adventure, but I think sometimes that all that got used up.  Oh well, you do what you have to and move where you have to in order to do it.

The other good news about this move is that we already (sort-of) know some people in the town.  Nathan has known a family from this town for his whole life and I just found out that another family in this town has known my mother for quite awhile as well.  Also, I went to college with some girls that know Nathan’s family, so hopefully, we’ll have some friends there from the start.  Nathan is getting very excited to start his job and I know that he’ll make an amzing law enforcement officer!

On another front, I finally found the camera and uploaded all the old pictures to the computer.  Hopefully for the next post about either food or family, I will have pictures to illustrate as well.

Enjoy your Sunday and have an amazing week!

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