Little Dude just keeps on growing!

Hello again! We found the camera and now the memory card reader, so that means PICTURES!  Before I went ahead and deleted all the old ones, I looked through them.  They ran the gamut from birth to a few days ago and I realized again…my baby is already growing up.  In the span of 10 short months, he has gone from a newborn to an almost toddler that can walk (Nathan just saw him run!), express his opinion (who knew words were NOT necessary?), and develop a fascination with putting things in other things.  Oh the stories I could tell.  Hmmmm….I think I will.

Little Dude    Little Dude   Little Dude

This is one of my favorite pictures of Nathan and the little dude together.  Makes my heart melt every time I see it.  (Although, I do believe Nathan got a little tired of the book.)

Dad & Little Dude  Jonathan was in a Peek-A-Boo stage, which translated to a love for lift-the-flap books.  (Actually, I think he’s still in that stage.  He’s just become a little more enthusiastic about lifting the flaps…and tearing the flaps, and bending the flaps.  Oh well, at least he looks at books!)

Little Dude

Jonathan loves this guitar.  He was first introduced to a guitar at my parents house.  At that point, he loved to listen to it and tried to pull the strings, but now he actually plays it.  (OK, it’s really more like strumming and banging.)  Every week when we visit Nathan’s parents, Jonathan makes a bee-line for the guitar and proceeds to play with it from that moment until we leave.

Little Dude

This is one of the most recent pictures of Jonathan.  I had been looking on Pinterest for ideas to entertain him and discovered…Water Play!  So, I put down two thick towels, got out my heaviest cassarole dish, and put a cupful of water in it.  Jonathan went crazy!  He splashed in the water and then started trying to climb in the dish.  After that, I gave him some toys to put in and he played with them.  Then, he started trying to find other things to put in the water.  At that point, I got nervous because he was in the living room with our electronics…so, we said goodbye to the water.  The verdict on water play – Jonathan approved!

Have a great day, everyone!

P.S. Tune in on Friday for the five cookbooks I couldn’t live without!

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